Ongoing projects

Dry feet

Rotterdam is one of the lowest-lying cities in Europe. We are protected by levees, dams, embankments and water defences, but in extreme weather conditions, we are still vulnerable to flooding. That is why we keep investing in safety measures to avoid serious problems in the future. We apply proven techniques and smart, innovative solutions. This is how we turn a waterproof and resilient city of Rotterdam into a showcase for new export opportunities.

In September of 2014, the national Delta Programme was adopted by the House of Representatives. The Delta Programme lists the Rijnmond-Drechtsteden region as one of the most important regional elements. The flood management approach as described in the Delta Programme is part of the Rotterdam Adaptation Strategy. This strategy also aims to contain storm water runoff in incidences of extreme rainfall, if possible in combination with measures to improve and enhance the green quality of open spaces in the city. It includes measures at neighbourhood, street and building level to minimise the consequences of extreme precipitation that will, at the same time, result in a more beautiful, green city for the people of Rotterdam.

Over the next few years, Rotterdam and its partners, including the water boards and the Port of Rotterdam Authority, will continue to invest in flood management and a safe, future-proof and resilient city.

See for more information The Rotterdam Programme on Sustainability and Climate Change 2014 - 2018.