Ongoing projects

Energy savings

Energy conservation will reduce energy bills for Rotterdam-based citizens and businesses. We can achieve this efficiency through behavioural change, structural measures such as insulation and by generating our own energy.

Rotterdam promotes energy-efficiency measures in existing homes by close cooperation with various parties in the city. Investing in energy-efficiency measures will result in energy savings and reduced energy bills, while at the same time increasing the level of comfort in homes. Furthermore, they will upgrade the energy performance label of the home, increasing its value at the time of a future sale.

2013 saw the launch of the Acceleration010 partnership, in which the municipality and fifteen partners from sectors including housing associations, construction and energy pursue the goal of accelerating the implementation of sustainability measures in existing homes. These homes will be renovated with a focus on energy efficiency. In total, this will amount to an investment of over €67 million in the existing housing stock. These investments will furthermore facilitate the creation of additional jobs and work-study programmes.

We support small and medium-sized enterprises (hereafter: SME) and institutions in implementing energy-efficiency measures in their (primary) operations, buildings, products, etc. The Rotterdam Programme on Sustainability and Climate Change was designed to provide this specific support, alongside the enforcement of statutory provisions, which is provided by DCMR Environmental Protection Agency Rijnmond as instructed by the municipality.

See for more information The Rotterdam Programme on Sustainability and Climate Change 2014 - 2018.