Ongoing projects

Industry as a source of heat

We use energy every day. Most of it is used to heat our homes and buildings. At the same time, heat is a very useful residual product of Rotterdam's industrial complex. It has the potential to heat the homes of as many as 1,000,000 families, but at the moment, most of it is released into the air.

The use of residual heat from the port complex ensures that buildings and homes in Rotterdam are no longer dependent on gas from Groningen or Russia. The first pipelines, the Leiding over Noord andDe Nieuwe Warmteweg, have already been installed. Our objective is to supply the district heating system with more and more residual heat and heat from renewable sources. This will enable us to avoid extra gas combustion in the city, which in turn will help improve air quality and reduce CO2 emissions. This energy can also be used to cool the city. The ambition is to create a reliable collective heat and cold supply system by 2030 that will contribute to a clean and healthy city and that is affordable for the end-user as well as for the parties in the heat and cold supply chain. In order to make residual heat and renewable sources of heat available to more families in Rotterdam, the number of connections to district heating should be increased. By 2030, 150,000 homes (almost half of the housing stock) and half of the rest of the property will be connected to the heat network.

See for more information The Rotterdam Programme on Sustainability and Climate Change 2014 - 2018.