Ongoing projects

The sun as a source of energy

Rotterdam joins residents, companies and institutions in a quest for cleaner energy. Cleaner energy contributes to cleaner air, improves the competitive position of businesses in Rotterdam, and boosts the employment market.

Solar energy is one of the renewable sources of energy and is relatively less of a burden to the environment compared to traditional energy sources. Rotterdam intends to ensure that more people in Rotterdam (residents, businesses and institutions) can get started with solar energy.

Rotterdam has great solar potential. For instance, there is a surface area of 18.5km2 of flat roofs, which equals 70% of the total roof area in the city. In the current state of photovoltaic technology, the solar potential for the city (excluding trading estates) is approximately 1,500 GWh. This means that solar energy could meet about 60% of the city's demand for electricity (2013 figures). Rotterdam aims to achieve 1,000 GWh of solar-generated energy by 2030 and 20 GWh by 2018. The type and number of photovoltaic panels will eventually define the amount of kWh on the meter.

See for more information The Rotterdam Programme on Sustainability and Climate Change 2014 - 2018.