Ongoing projects

Circular economy

One of Rotterdam's ambitions is to promote the circular economy in the city. The 'Roadmap Circular Economy Rotterdam' describes the city's vision for a circular future as well as providing companies and organizations with helpful tips for maximum resource efficiency. Intelligent design and conscious choices, for instance, will help to minimize the use of resources (refuse), optimize product life cycle performance (reuse), and recycle products after their useful life. By applying these principles, companies and NGOs can reduce waste and recycle waste products into new resources. This will require a paradigm shift in how we view the city. A circular economy will take recycling to a higher level, both in terms of scale and applications, and in every industry imaginable.

By taking a joint approach, sharing knowledge and partnering in this respect, we will be able to discover what we need to achieve our goal. Together, we can accelerate the movement. There is no defined roadmap as to how we will go about this; we will simply show courage and learn by trial and error. We will experiment and answer the door when opportunity knocks. This approach will enable us to open up windows of opportunity together and to work towards a circular economy for Rotterdam.

Further details

For further details, you are welcome to download the 'Roadmap Circular Economy Rotterdam', or to read more in the Rotterdam Programme on Sustainability and Climate Change 2015-2018 and the Rotterdam Circular Plan of approach of the City of Rotterdam - or you can be inspired by the many marvellous examples we have pooled together on