Climate Adaptation

File Climate Adaptation

Our climate is changing. The consequences of climate change will also be felt in Rotterdam. Rain showers are already becoming heavier, presenting the city with the challenge of excess water or flooding. In the long run, our low-lying delta city will also be confronted with rising sea levels and exceptionally high or low river levels and discharges. Furthermore, the temperature in the city will rise, and heat stress will affect increasing numbers of people. Longer periods of drought are also to be expected.

The Rotterdam approach

Rotterdam climate proof connects water with opportunities. This approach allows urban planners to create new designs that effectively address the issue of climate change.
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Three pillars

The Rotterdam Climate Proof programme is based on three pillars: knowledge, actions and marketing communications. Ensuring that Rotterdam will be climate proof in every respect by 2025 is the common goal.
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Rotterdam Climate Proof started out at the end of 2008 and is currently in full swing as part of the Rotterdam Climate Initiative. In the meantime, an impressive amount of results has been achieved.
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