Mayor Aboutaleb to discuss extreme weather events with world cities

Mayor Aboutaleb of Rotterdam will attend a biennial conference on protection against extreme weather events from 30 November until 2 December. The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group Mayors Summit will take place in Mexico City. Administrators and experts from 86 global megacities will convene to share their experiences in terms of the protection of their cities against extreme weather conditions.

During the meeting, Mayor Aboutaleb will draw particular attention to climate adaptation and resilience. On behalf of a network of delta cities, he will call on the C40 cities network to release more funds for research and collaboration to advance climate change adaptation. Collaboration in this field will benefit both cities and their residents. For Rotterdam, a frontrunner in climate change adaptation, such partnerships will furthermore open up opportunities for the business community.

Protective measures

Seventy per cent of the C40 cities are confronted with the risk of either floods or extreme droughts. In view of the significant impact of such events on people's lives and health as well as the cities' quality of life and economy, it is of crucial importance to invest substantially in protective measures. Each city has its own experiences, and this conference will be an excellent platform for experts from around the world to establish contact, exchange views, and share the lessons learned.

Rotterdam winner of C40 Cities Award

Last year, Rotterdam's important role in this respect was acknowledged with the C40 Cities Award. Rotterdam won this award for its Adaptation Strategy, a specific strategy designed to strengthen the city's resilience to the consequences of climate change. The Adaptation Strategy is part of the broader resilience strategy and attracts considerable attention from international delegations.


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