Rotterdam and Jakarta to continue their water management collaboration

Rotterdam and Jakarta will continue for another three years to exchange their knowledge of urban water management and the consequences of climate change. On Wednesday, 23 November, during the trade mission of Prime Minister Rutte to Indonesia, the partners will sign a new cooperation agreement.

Coastal protection is a subject that attracts a lot of attention in the Jakarta region, just like in our low-lying country. Rotterdam and Jakarta are both delta cities and exchanging expertise can benefit both. For this purpose, the partner cities have developed an exchange programme in conjunction with several other partners that was launched in September of 2014.

Van Oord joins as partner

The Dutch Training and Exposure Programme Rotterdam-DKI Jakarta is an exchange programme between Jakarta, the City of Rotterdam, Nuffic Neso Indonesia, the Rotterdam University of Applied Science, the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Jakarta, and the Delfland Higher Water Board. Joining as a new partner is Van Oord, a company that will share expertise in the field of land reclamation and dredging.

Trainees from Jakarta take in valuable lessons

Since 2014, 24 young professionals from Indonesia have spent time during their traineeship researching specific water management issues in the Netherlands. At the Municipality of Rotterdam and at the Delfland Higher Water Board, they learned practical lessons on Rotterdam's approach to water management and the city's preparation for the consequences of climate change. They subsequently applied this knowledge to the situation in Jakarta. Jakarta struggles with soil subsidence as a result of factors including drinking water sourcing through groundwater abstraction. In some places, land subsidence amounts to as much as 15 centimeters per year, to the point where the land is now below sea level. Jakarta faces the threat of floods from the rivers and the ocean. Knowledge of daily water management in Rotterdam may contribute to effective management of the problems in Jakarta.

Students from Rotterdam fly to Jakarta

Meanwhile, seven students of water management at the Rotterdam University of Applied Science have dedicated their Master's degree internship to projects that the students launched upon their return to Jakarta. Dutch specialists will be present in Jakarta this week to advise Indonesian professionals on the implementation of their projects. This will involve subjects including land reclamation, improvement of the maintenance and management of pumping plants and canals to prevent floods, and the development of a multifunctional levee designed after the model of the Roof Park in Rotterdam.


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